Meet and Match 2021

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Mentoring Meet & Match 2021
Date: 13 April 2021
Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM CEST
Location: Online


Mentoring Meet and Match - An advocacy event

European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring organizes in collaboration with our advocacy committee, national and regional partners a Mentoring Meet & Match, an online event on 13th April 2021. It is the third time that such an event takes place, connecting mentoring organizations, universities, businesses and policy makers from all over Europe.

The event's motto is Our joint action is our signature of showing the European government our shared belief in the impact of mentoring

The two-yearly event - this time online, past events in Brussels -, focuses on strengthening the collaboration between the mentoring field and European decision- and policy making. It is also a major activity for the mentoring field to connect the personal, social and economic effect of mentoring to European priorities. The events translates the impact of mentoring on the lives of people to European public policy.

This event is brought to you by our advocacy committee.

Effects of mentoring and the relation to European policy making 2021 - 2027

Goal of the 2021 Mentoring Meet & Match is twofold. On the one hand, participants explore successful ways on a local and national level to showcase the impact of mentoring to policy- and decision makers. On the other hand, participants learn about the shaping priorities of the Europe 2021 - 2027 strategy: how to collaborate on a European level in order to give an answer to European challenges?

Event Schedule
(Subject to change)

9:00 Opening and welcome
9:15 Mentoring field in Europe - a short introduction
9:30 Panel discussion on an inclusive Europe, with representatives of the European Parliament. By Ms. Ilana Cicurel and Mr. Victor Negrescu, Members of the European Parliament.
10:15 Short Break
10:30 Presentation on the changing role of volunteering in Europe. Ms. Lejla Sehic Relic, President, European Voluntary Center.
11:00 Presentation of the new Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027. By Mr. Vincent Catot, Policy officer for integration, Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission.
11:30 Networking session
12:00 Break
12:45 Thematic sessions of best practices from the UK, France and Spain:
Presentation about the all-party parliamentary group and mentoring in the UK. By Ms Tessy Ojo, Chief Executive of the Diana Award
Presentation of a national mentoring campaign in France. By Mr Thibaut Guilluy, High Commissioner for Employment and Business Engagement at the Ministry of Labour, France and Ms. Eunice Mangado, AFEV France/ Collectif Mentorat.
Mentoring as an instrument for the Covid-19 recovery strategy in education. By Mar Camacho, Director of Innovation at the Educational Department of Catalonia, and the Coordinadora Mentoria Social, Spain.
14:15 Networking session
14:45 Break
15:00 Interactive Session: The impact of mentoring from a community perspective. By Dr. Giovanni Aresi, Researcher at Catholic University of Milan, Italy.
15:30 Presentation of the social dimension of the new Action Plan of the European Pillar of Social Rights. By Ms. Katarina Ivanković Kneević, Director, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission.
16:00 Interactive session: How to advocate for mentoring on a local and national level? By Ms. Julie Bodson, DUO for a Job, Belgium.
16:30 Conclusions of the event
17:00 End of the event

Attending Speakers

Click here for more information about the Meet & Match Speakers
Main topics of the upcoming event are:

- European focus on youth development and integration of migrants,
- Place of mentoring in regional, national and European agenda,
- Impact of mentoring
- Europe 2021-2027 Strategy: what can we learn from its focus and how can we connect,
- Multi-sectoral approach of mentoring and the relation to European priorities.

Participants of the Meet & Match

Delegates of:
- mentoring programmes (NGOs, entrepreneurs, educational institutions),
- policy makers at a local, regional, national an European level,
- diverse stakeholders of mentoring: students, mentors, researchers, and friends of mentoring

More Information and Registrations:

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For more information about the Mentoring Meet & Match, you can contact Szilvia Simon or our trainee Elena Naydenova at the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring. You can also check the website for the latest updates and list of participating organizations.