Meet and Match

2019 Meet & Match

During the 2019 edition of the Meet & Match, 6 national delegations conducted advocacy visits at the European Parliament. Prepared with a new policy note, some brochures, and especially much passion for mentoring, the French, Spanish / Catalan, Bulgarian, Italian and Dutch participants spread out to visit their national members of the parliament and staff.

These - altogether 11 - conversation turned out to be very useful and the delegates felt more than welcome by their representatives. There was much curiosity about mentoring and about the personal, social and economic impact of mentoring on the lives of people.

And now, where does this lead to? Due to our join efforts in Brussels, there are exciting opportunities to expect in the coming year.

Due to the French advocacy meetings - thank you, AFEV and Article1 -, the vice-president of the EU parliament MS Sylvie Guillaume took the initiative to raise a question about mentoring to the EU commission. This petition was supported by several members of the parliament, promoting a place for mentoring in public policy making. They together plead for mentoring as a right for EU citizens, to foster social inclusion.

Check out the Parliament website to read the petition.

At this moment, the commission is evaluating mentoring within existing policy, and will react to this petition in the coming months.

As explained to us by decision makers, the fact that the parliament shows special interest in mentoring in Europe, can lead to a project initiated by the EU parliament directly. This can be for the benefit of the European mentoring field: research and practice hand in hand.

On June 2019, we have started an ADVOCACY WORKING GROUP to exchange ideas and to plan the next steps. Let us know if you have questions or if you wish to take on action with us to keep this fire burning.

Fiona Soler, AFEV, France

Laia Bernues, Coordinadora de Mentoria Social, Spain

Szilvia Simon, European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring