Mapping of European Mentoring

Map of Mentoring Field

Thanks to your continued support with providing us with information about mentoring programs. We have placed all mentoring programs recognized by the ECEBM onto a map to get an overview of mentoring programs in Europe.

Help us improve the reach of mentoring in Europe

To all European Mentoring Programs

One of the major missions of the European Center is to increase the quality, reach, and visibility of the mentoring field in Europe as an instrument with a broad variety of implementations in society. In order to strengthen the European network, we are working on a mapping of the different actors of mentoring in Europe, allowing a better knowledge of the field. To have a clearer view of the size of the mentoring field in Europe, we are asking you to fill in some information concerning your work, such as the profile of your mentees and mentors or the number of matches you achieve.

This information is highly valuable for the network of the European Center in contact with European and national policy and decision-makers. The information will be used to build a database for mapping of mentoring activities in Europe, to support advocacy actions toward regional, national, and the European parliaments, and to present the evolution of mentoring activities during the next European Mentoring Summit.

We kindly ask you to fill in the form.

Thank you very much for your help!