Need for Mentoring Advocacy in Europe

The European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring (ECEBM) has recently taken up a greater role in advocating for mentoring not only on a national level but also on Union level. This can be seen by the active campaign we have led thus far which recently culminated in the ECEBM being invited by the EU Directorate-General on Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion to give feedback on the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

The reason for our advocacy activity is to show Europe that mentoring is a great and accessible mechanism that until recently hasnít gained enough recognition in the EU. We want to show the legislators, both European and national, that mentoring is an amazing social engagement tool for inclusion, decreasing youth unemployment, and integration that should be available to all Europeans. These are all issues that have become even more current in the last year.

Our specific aim is to make mentoring a social mechanism that is explicitly mentioned in legislation so that local and international mentoring programs can have a better work environment to fulfil their goals, whether it be through more financing or being explicitly mentioned as an alternative to other traditional education.

Advocacy Committee