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Power of Mentoring

In April 2020, seven cross-national youth mentoring capacity-building organizations across five continents united to promote investing in youth mentoring as a key part of the global COVID-19 recovery. A world-wide mentoring movement has emerged: the Power of Mentoring movement.

Goal of this movement is to call for the recognition of mentoring on high levels within politics, government, corporates and society in general. US, Canadian, Indian, African and Asian mentoring network organizations took this initiative, along with the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring.

These national or continental collective-impact partnerships are building capacity for mentoring programmes in each of our local countries/continents. Through tools, resources, training, and collaboration, we help expand and enhance quality mentoring programmes, adapted to our own context.
Unleash The Power of Mentoring

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As part of our commitment to raising the profile of mentoring we prepared an open letter to governments and other key stakeholders in the different continents.

The advocacy committee of the European Center took initiative to create a European action plan of the movement. We made a European message to be sent to representatives of EU government and parliament.

Global Mentoring Collective Videos

The Global Mentoring Collective created a series of videos to share some powerful messages and voices of the global youth mentoring leaders and global youth about the power of mentoring.

Find these videos below.

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