Internship Blog

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"My name is Elena, I study Psychology at University of Padova in Italy and last year I took part as a mentor in the Mentor-UP Programme lead by my University.
I experienced on my own skin the powerful impact of mentoring in people's lives and, in combination with that, I really wanted to go abroad, so I came to the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring in Leeuwarden. And thats how the big adventure started!
This experience is turning out to be so enriching and exciting, so I felt the need to share it and to inspire other people to go on an exchange."

Elena, one of our current interns, is writing a blog about her internship at the European Center. She is an Italian exchange student and shares her experiences of working in the Netherlands on that blog. She wants to encourage other students to take the opportunity and do internships or exchanges to other countries.

To go and read Elena's blog, click here