Student Lab

Meet our Student Team

The ECEBM works with a team of amazing students coming from different academic backgrounds. Working as interns or conducting research with the center, they provide the European Center with a fresh and young perspective, helping out with different activities within the organization. Here are their stories:


Elena Barison

My name is Elena Barison, I am 22 and I am the trainee of the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring.

I am assisting the Community Manager in maintaining the network of the European mentoring field; I encourage the exchange and collaboration between mentoring professionals and researchers to increase the quality of mentoring in Europe. I am also Student Community Manager, so I support the students who are collaborating with us, doing their internship and research project, and I encourage the exchange between European students who are involved in mentoring.

I choose ECEBM as my first working experience after graduation for many reasons. Firstly, I enjoy the international and intercultural character of this umbrella organization. I also find ECEBM's vision very exciting: 'exchanging and collaborating to innovate and improve the quality of mentoring'. Finally, I believe that our job is very meaningful for increasing the opportunity of young people in Europe; I consider myself a very lucky person, so I am happy to contribute to the empowerment of other youngsters.

Next year I will attend an MSc in Sustainable Entrepreneurship. This master study focuses on the management of organizations to improve their social contribution and reduce their environmental impact. I am very excited about this new adventure and I see it as an opening to the future. I believe that the time in ECEBM really inspired me to take the step towards such a study and what I learned during this period will support me in my future projects.


Anne Bloembergen

My name is Anne Bloembergen, I am 23 years old. I am currently a 4th year student European Studies at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden. I am originally from a small town called Sint Annaparochie, very near Leeuwarden. Since September 2019 I moved officially to Leeuwarden. I am passionate about travelling, culture, food and books. I am a true Frisian and very proud of it. In my free time I enjoy taking walks with my dog, losing myself in a good series on Netflix or a good book and to meet up with my closest friends.

In my second year of secondary school it was decided that I could not go to a higher level (from VMBO-T to HAVO) because my grades in Math were not good enough. In my last year of VMBO-T I discovered that I was able to go to HAVO level without math. I graduated with high marks and landed in European Studies. Ever since I feel very motivated to prove that I can do more than what was initially expected of me. If everything goes according to plan, I will start my masters degree at the University of Groningen in September. At this moment I am writing my thesis about social inclusion for the European Center of Evidence-based Mentoring. You might wonder what a European Studies student is doing at the European Center. I chose to round off my studies at the European Center because I wanted to learn a new side of European corporation and of course it was an opportunity close to home. I hope that my thesis will turn out to be meaningful to Mentoring programmes all over Europe.
At this moment I am writing my thesis about social inclusion. To be specific; I am researching what the EU exactly does with that topic and connect that to my case study: MentorProgramma Friesland.


Jiunn Der Liu

I am Jiunn Der Liu and I am from the Netherlands. Currently, I am in my fourth year of Media and Entertainment Management at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden. It is called Creative Business now. What I like to do in my free time is hanging out with friends and traveling around the world. Hopefully after the pandemic, I can start traveling again.

My main goal of the internship was to expand my current network by choosing an organization outside the media. I am not sure if I want to pursue my career in the tradition media. We have a really diverse team that exists of good, hard working people. My studies were in Dutch and I chose this international internship to improve my English and international skills. We as interns, feel like we are a part of the organization and thereby, we get a lot of freedom and responsibilities within our tasks. It is really proactive and since I want to improve my proactive skills, this work style could not fit better.

Before I joined, the Center didnt have any social media channels. So, as I am seen as the media guy, I set up all the social media channels of this organization. Therefore, I am also responsible for creating content and distributing it on our socials. I think I can learn a lot of new things about how to represent an organization through digitalization. You have to take a lot of things in consider if you post stuff as an organization. My goal for this project is to set up social media channels that consists of good valuable formats that Skill can be used after my time here. Along with creating a followership for the organization.

My plans after this internship is to graduate for my bachelors degree. After that I want to start my own business and explore and try out different things to see what I really want to pursue in my life.


Juhair Mahtab

I am Juhair Mahtab and I come from Qatar. I moved to Netherlands two years back to pursue my bachelors degree in business administration in Tourism Management at NHL Stenden. I thought Leeuwarden was a welcome change from my hometown of Doha. I really like the people and lifestyle here. I am passionate about thinking and creating ideas and making them a reality. Currently, I am focused on graduating after my internship at the European Center for Evidence based Mentoring. I hope to someday bring together local communities through sustainable tourism. I really believe every culture has something to offer to the rest of the world and this can be achieved by travelling to them.

I am having an exceptional internship experience at the European Center where I am working on projects related to marketing and events management. The company culture within the organization really provides me with an entrepreneurial spirit where I am responsible for my own tasks, having full responsibility of them and working with amazing team of interns from different academic backgrounds. My internships so far had me working on organizing events for the center and I really enjoyed developing team building activities for all the employees of the organization. The Covid-19 crisis has drastically changed how we worked in the internship and I am beginning to embrace the challenges of distance and online working.

This internship has been an exceptional learning and growth experience for me. I am hoping to utilize my strong analytical and creative skills to not only develop myself professionally during the internship, but also give back something to the European Center which will affect the organization positively. I chose the center because of the work environment which gives me the interns freedom and accountability in making their own decisions. As for the future, I would very much like to start my own business. But for now, I am looking to work in different organizations to gain experience and knowledge.


Leon Gengler

I am Leon and I am currently in my fourth year of the bachelor Business Administration at the NHL Stenden. I was born here in the Netherlands and I now live in Groningen. My hobbies are hanging out with my friends and traveling, which aspire to do more.

I joined the European Center in February to write my thesis. The reason I chose the Center was because I liked the international aspect of the organization and I knew that a lot of students do their internship here. While you still have to work hard, the fact that a lot of students are present at the European Center makes for a relaxed and chill atmosphere.

The main goal in my thesis was to find out how members of the European Center experience their membership. To discover this, I interviewed a couple of members of the European Center. Most of the members are in different countries in Europe. Talking with these people and hearing their stories was a great experience for me and I certainly learned a lot from it. Besides information related to my thesis I also learned a lot about mentoring and the different uses it has in our society. Before my internship at the European Center I did not know about mentoring and I found out it is a very useful tool that can help solve a diverse set of problems.

By joining the European Center I wanted to learn more about how operating on an international level worked. With the knowledge and experience that I gained at the European Center I would like to find a job where I am able to travel while working.


Pia Sedlmeier

Im Pia, 24 years old and studying International Leisure & Event Management in Leeuwarden. I have been with the European Center for a little over a year now. It started out as an internship and then I decided to write my thesis for the Center as well.

My thesis is going to be a Marketing Communication Plan for the Center. At the same time, I am working on the website, in order to give it a more modern look.

During my internship at the ECEBM I was busy with organizing different events for the Center. The biggest event I was part of was the Mentoring Short Course in October of 2019. It was a big international event, where people from 12 countries all over the world participated in.

I really enjoyed my internship at the European Center, because it always offered me a lot of possibilities. As students, we regularly get the chance to network at different events and meetings, which is great to set foot in the professional field. Also, I really liked that there is always a team of students with different educational backgrounds around. This made it interesting for me, because there is always something new you can learn from others.

I think that the Center is a great place for an internship because you will always be encouraged to believe in yourself.