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Summary of the Meet & Match 2019

On March 18/19 the European Center paid a visit to Brussels. This year's Meet & Match had the motto "Our joint visits to Brussels are our signature of showing the EU government our shared belief in the impact of mentoring".

We spend two interesting and informative days in Brussels, talking about mentoring and its future in Europe. In order to keep everyone informed about what was discussed at the Meet & Match, we made a summary for you. In the summary you can find all the topics, discussed, as well as the names of the speakers. To read the summary, please click here.

Job shadowing activities for members

We match you to a mentoring programme or organization of your choice, according to your learning goal and interest. The activity is usually 2 days long and you 'shadow' a mentoring coordinator in his or her working day. This way you gain in-depth knowledge of the know-how and tools another mentoring programmes uses.
Job shadowing is an ongoing activity the Center offers for members.

Online workshops for members

Our Center launches a series of online workshops for members. Once a month, on a Friday morning, we share experiences and explore their connection to research results. Each workshop will focus on one of the dimensions of mentoring relationships and an effective programme design. The workshops are based on best practices and learnings of research results.

The dates of the online workshops:
26th October 2018
23rd November 2018
14th December 2018
11th of January 2019
8th February 2019
8th March 2019
5th April 2019
3rd May 2019
7th June 2019
The workshops start at 11 o'clock, Central European Time CEST / CET and they last 60 minutes.


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