The European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring is situated in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Seeing that the Center is a network organization, its affiliates can be found through Europe and beyond.

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European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring
Turfmarkt 11, 8911 KS Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Community managers for practice and research

Szilvia Simon, community manager and manager of the student learning community, , +31610925655, skype: szilvias3

Dirk Postma, researchers' community manager,

Programme committee

The following people are part of the programme committee of researchers in order to initiate knowledge development and a connectivity of research and practice in the mentoring field:  

Szilvia Simon and Dirk Postma, community managers
dr. Marc Coenders, NHL Stenden university of applied sciences, NL
dr. Oscar Prieto, University of Girona, ES
dr. Peter de Cuyper, University of Leuven, BE