The European Center is dedicated to conduct rigorous and practice-oriented research on mentoring programmes and practices. In doing so,
the Center seeks to advance the production, dissemination and uptake of evidence-based practices in ways that improve the effectiveness of practice and, ultimately, create stronger, more enduring mentoring relationships.

The European Center of Evidence-Based Mentoring strives to accomplish the following goals:
• Develop a strong network of mentoring programmes and research institutions
• Conduct rigorous research on mentoring programmes and practices, in order to improve our understanding
of when, why, and for whom mentoring does (not) work
• Improve the translation of evidence into programme, practice, and policy
• Use multidisciplinary and multilevel research approach
• Establish knowledge exchange between the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring and the
MENTOR/UMB Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring in Boston, US
• The European Center serves as a coordination point for communication and knowledge transfer.


Improvement and dissemination of mentoring

Practitioners and researchers have the following goals in mind with respect to the improvement and dissemination of mentoring. These goals establish a first development agenda of the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring:

• Optimize high quality mentoring;
• Create a place for practitioners, innovators and researchers to collaborate, a hub to connect;
• Put research into action, leveraging the research;
• Function as a gravitation point for improving quality and positioning mentoring and networking;
• Form a bridge between scientific research and practice;
• Create a source where one finds validated knowledge and an overview of mentoring (programmes) in Europe;
• Foster caring relationships through research based quality;
• Promote research and make stories of mentoring more powerful in Europe;
• Facilitate knowledge sharing to improve mentoring practices across the lifespan;
• Connect the effects and impact of mentoring to the EU2020 goals.