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Older and Wiser: New ideas for youth mentoring in the 21st century, by prof. dr. Jean Rhodes

Older and Wiser, virtual book launch
Dear mentoring practitioners, researchers and friends of mentoring in Europe,

On the 8th July at 16:00 o’clock, we are bringing a special event to you online: the book launch of Older and Wiser: New ideas for youth mentoring in the 21st century, by prof. dr. Jean Rhodes.
Join this unique event to get inspired by the writer, to hear a summary of her new insights and recommended innovations.

Date: 8th of July 2020
Time: 16:00 - 17:00 CEST

After the summer, we will organize a second session of this book launching event, when Jean Rhodes will go into different chapters of her book and answer all your questions in interaction.
This second session will be the first event of our BOOK CLUB, check our website for more information.


“This book is a synthesis and analysis of the research on youth mentoring, a topic to which I have devoted more than half my life. Indeed, I have been chipping away at researching the mentoring field for nearly thirty years and, like a compulsive gold miner, just can’t seem to stop. Believe me, I’ve tried. But inevitably, other topics lose their appeal and I find myself returning to research this same rich intellectual seam, hoping to unearth and examine just one more nugget. Over time, some of my views on mentoring have changed. And, as you’ll see in this book, a broader perspective has emerged, where each new finding fits more logically into the broader landscape. I lament that it took so long to gain this current perspective but am confident that some of my hard-earned lessons will offer new solutions to the field.”

Free registration for the book launch

1. We are hosting the book launch through Crowdcast.
2. To register, click on this link.
3. After that, you will be asked for your email and name. This will create your Crowdcast account with which you will interact during the book launch.
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Crowdcast is a very easy tool to manage. The same link serves multiple purposes: registration, waiting room, attendance and replays –as the recorded session will be automatically published once the live event is over. As soon as you register, you will access the event  page. It is open for you to begin chatting with other attendees (on the right side) or even to ask your questions for the Q&A (you’ll find this option next to the chat). The day of the event you will receive a reminder, about 10 minutes before the session.


Do you have any questions about this event? Please contact Szilvia Simon and Elena Barison of the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring.

About Older and Wiser

Youth mentoring is among the most popular forms of volunteering in the world. But does it work? Does mentoring actually help young people succeed? In Older and Wiser, mentoring expert Jean Rhodes draws on more than thirty years of empirical research to survey the state of the field. Her conclusion is sobering: there is little evidence that most programs―even renowned, trusted, and long-established ones―are effective. But there is also much reason for hope.

Mentoring programs, Rhodes writes, do not focus on what young people need. Organizations typically prioritize building emotional bonds between mentors and mentees. But research makes clear that effective programs emphasize the development of specific social, emotional, and intellectual skills. Most mentoring programs are poorly suited to this effort because they rely overwhelmingly on volunteers, who rarely have the training necessary to teach these skills to young people. Moreover, the one-size-fits-all models of major mentoring organizations struggle to deal with the diverse backgrounds of mentees, the psychological effects of poverty on children, and increasingly hard limits to upward mobility in an unequal world.

Rhodes doesn’t think we should give up on mentoring―far from it. She shows that evidence-based approaches can in fact create meaningful change in young people’s lives. She also recommends encouraging “organic” mentorship opportunities―in schools, youth sports leagues, and community organizations.

Interested in ordering the book?

The book Older and Wiser will be released in August, in the US. At the moment, we are looking at distribution possibilities between the US and Europe so that you can order your copy as fast and as cheap as possible.
Send us an email so that we can keep you posted!


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