AGENDA: Upcoming events

The most recent event of the European mentoring network was the European Mentoring Summit in March in Berlin. At the moment the planning of the upcoming events and action is taking place, in close communication with the researchers' and practitioners' committee of the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring.

The following events are open to applications (the dates are subject to change)

- Job Shadowing activities for members: ongoing action

We match you to a mentoring programme or organization of your choice, according to your learning goal and interest. The activity is usually 2 days long and you 'shadow' a mentoring coordinator in his or her working day. This way you gain in-depth knowledge of the know-how and tools another mentoring programmes uses.

- Mentoring Short Course:  11th and 12th October 2018

The Mentoring Short Course is a yearly event of the European Center, in collaboration with prof Jean Rhodes and the US Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring. The Short Course is a two-day seminar of researchers and practitioners to exchange the latest results and best practices around a certain topic. The short Course is above all an event to develop the evidence-based practice of mentoring professionals.
Topic of the Short Course is being developed based on the results of the European Mentoring Summit in Berlin in March 2018, together with the KiPa network of mentoring programmes in Berlin.

- Mentoring Meet & Match Brussels: 18th and 19th March 2019

Goal of the Mentoring Meet & Match is twofold. On the one hand, the event will be offered to connect the mentoring field to representatives of EU decision and policy making. Presentations and discussions will offer insight in the current focus in terms of European challenges and Europe2020 strategy and beyond.
On the other hand, the event will unite organizations from different regions, sectors and backgrounds in order to plead for a place of mentoring on EU agenda and policy making.

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