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Dear mentoring practitioners, researchers and friends of mentoring in Europe,

Please join us for an International Short Course on mentoring in Boston, organized by the European and UMass / MENTOR Centers for Evidence-Based Mentoring and the Massachusetts Mentoring Partnership. The Short Course will take place on October 4 and 5, 2107 and will be led by prof. Jean Rhodes and mr Marty Martinez. You can read more about the event in this newsletter.

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Youth mentoring is growing rapidly in the U.S., Europe and across the globe. Practitioners experience a tension between quality and quantity, which needn't be the case if programmes follow evidence-based practice and learn from best practices. The upcoming Short Course offers you the chance to meet leading experts from the U.S. and Europe to discuss programme models as well as challenges and rewards of adhering to best practices in ways that advances the lives of people. The two-day event offers you the chance to gain knowledge about the main topic of the event: Strengthening quality to broaden impact. Practitioners and researchers will bring their expertise in all fields of mentoring, such as recruitment tools, marketing for growth and expension, match support, family engagement and more. During the event, scholars will talk about a variety of new innovations in the field, like mentoring and prevention science, cultural competences and the integration of youth initiated mentoring in education.
Special feature of the event is the ongoing exchange of the European and U.S. approach in mentoring in methodology as well as organization.

When: 4 - 5 October, 2017
Where: UMass / MENTOR Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring, Boston
Why: To network with and learn from mentoring professionals from across the U.S. and Europe, and enjoy Boston at its peak
Costs: No registration fee.  Food (light breakfast, lunch, snacks) and beverage contributions of $100 requested (receipts available). Optional evening and pre-conference activity fees may also apply.


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